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What if other tech companies were to come up with their own ‘Spectacle’?

Technology has a way of making our lives more connected, efficient and memorable. The newly launched Snapchat Spectacles will make recording memories easier, as well as provide a way to capture memories from our perspective in a cool and stylish way. Tech geeks have been raving about the spectacles ever since it was announced, and with its affordable price, limited stock and futuristic edgy look, who wouldn’t want a pair for themselves?

Innovation is the mother of necessity, and it’s a known fact that in the tech industry, you must innovate or die. In this modern age where almost everything has been done, it’s hard to come up with new ideas. Not all innovations by tech companies bring success (such as Google with Google Glass, Facebook with Slingshot and Microsoft with Zune). In 2010, a research proved that every year, 95% of new products introduced fail.

Snapchat’s innovative spectacles are an example of how social media is steadily becoming part of our daily lives. Will more social media platforms follow in Snapchat’s footsteps? If other social media platforms release their own fashion products, what would they be like? Here are some of our imaginative ideas (and wishes) for the next social media platform that meets with fashion and technology:

  1. Tinder Match Bracelet

We are all eager to find that special someone who we can cuddle with at night, hold our hands in the movies, be fat together, or to just simply meet and have a good time with. It’s both devastating and embarrassing when you meet someone in a coffee shop and you’re not able to say hi or start a conversation. With Tinder (and your fingers crossed), that special someone might have an account and swipe right on your profile!

Tinder can be made easier with a Tinder Match Bracelet! While spending time at your favorite place, it will notify you of potential date candidates around. Everyone from co-workers in your office building to people working out at the gym will just be a swipe away. Avoid the heart break for knowing that he (or she) is taken, by only focusing on the available candidates.

Choosing ‘Yay!’ or ‘Nay’ is as easy as pressing the little button on both sides of its screen. With its simple design, the bracelet can be a good match for your outfit of the day as well. Finding your next date has never been easier (and fancier)!

  1. LinkedIn Pinector

Now that we’re adults, it’s finally time to go into the world and find a job. Networking takes a lot of time and effort, but LinkedIn is the ultimate solution for this problem. People can connect to who they want to (recruiter or potential customer) in just a click. In the past, going to a job fair or conference to connect with the right people was a dull task; no one really looked forward to. Have you ever wished that you could use LinkedIn to find the exact person you wanted to talk to in the first place? Yes? We introduce to you LinkedIn Pinector! The newest product from LinkedIn that’s going to change networking forever.

Just attach the LinkedIn Pinector to your tie or pocket and it’ll start to roll. Before getting into the fair, set up the filter on your smartphone of who you would like to meet, whether by job title, field of interest, or even specific company name. The 5-megapixel camera will detect a person face, match it with your interests and send a push notification to your phone. Simple as that, you can approach the person right away with the right information!

  1. Tweet Ring

One of the most popular social applications, Twitter gained its popularity as a unique platform which allows its users to upload posts only within 140 characters. People nowadays are bombarded by a lot of information; thus, they need to digest the information in the most efficient and concise way possible. Twitter is the only answer!

Imagine you’re facing an exciting situation in your life and you want to spread the story, but picking up and unlocking your phone is going to take too much of your precious time. Twitter introduces its latest technology, the Tweet Ring.

The Tweet Ring is made from black palladium, which is ensured to have reliable and consistent grading. With its sleek design, anyone can wear the Twitter Ring! It can detect its user’s voice as well and translate into text. The result? Super instant tweets!. The default color will be blue, it will turns red while you are recording and green once it’s tweeted.

Not to worry, we know you’re just as obsessed with hashtags as we are. Simply say “hashtag” to the ring and it will just type as you wish. Have fun with the Tweet Ring!

  1. Spotify Earrings

Spotify has quickly become one of everyone’s must have applications. Spotify gives you access to a world of music where you can listen to your favorite artists and albums.

In September, Apple launched its latest technology, Airpods, the wireless headphone that wowed people across the globe. What you didn’t know is that Spotify introduced their Spotify Earrings right after. Spotify knows how Airpods drop and fly away when you do extreme activities like running, exercising and dancing your a** off, so it introduced Spotify Earrings to the world. You can wear them anytime and anywhere without having to worry about losing them.

Spotify knows that people always ask their friends what the name of the song currently playing in the café or on the radio is. The solution to that problem is finally here! In addition to its ergonomic design, Spotify Earrings can detect and identify a song as well. Spotify also use the newest technology to hear music called “Bone conduction” that delivers music through your ear lobule, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds. Life is music, Life is fun, with Spotify Earrings on you 24/7.

  1. Insta-Spectacle

You know us, we love to copy what our competitor does, we just – do it better.

Instagram will go head to head with Snapchat’s spectacle, by introducing Insta-Spactacle . Coming with a retro unisex design, Instagram steps up its game by adding features where you can swipe and choose a filter before recording or taking a photo with the tiny button on the right.

Taking an opposite stance to Snapchat where ‘less is more’, Instagram offers a high quality camera on their spectacles with 12 MP, phase detection auto focus and face/smile detection. A spectacle with the quality of the iPhone 7 camera! What are you waiting for? Capture and share the world moments!

Dear CEOs of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin and Tined, we can’t wait for your next move on how you’ll incorporate your social media platforms with fashion and technology!

(Psst, innovate quickly before your social media platform turns into history)


Images and ideation was created by the creative team from iPrice Group.

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