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Trump & Kim sign ‘historic’ document following talks in Singapore

President Trump and Kim Jong-un are rewriting history today in Singapore. As they met , they created a historic event in the history.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have signed a four-point document that would lead to “major change,” they announced at a joint news conference after their first face-to-face meeting in Singapore.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un signed a document after a historic summit in Singapore on June, 12. Addressing the results of the negotiations, Trump said North Korea’s denuclearization process would be starting “very quickly,” while the North Korean leader stated, that the world was about to see “a major change.”

The contents of the document were not immediately disclosed, but Trump said that he will be holding a press conference on the matter later in the day.

“We’ve developed a very special bond,” Trump said, sitting next to “chairman” Kim after what he called an “intensive time” together. He vowed to start the process “very, very quickly” without specifying what exactly is going to happen.

Today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind, and we are about to sign a historic document. The world will a see a major change,” Kim said, before thanking his US counterpart for the meeting.

After the signing ceremony Trump said that, from now on, the Korean peninsula “is going to be very much a different situation than it has in the past.”

The full text of the joint agreement was released by South Korean Yonhap news agency. The document includes four points: the establishment of “new” US-North Korea relations, peace on the Korean peninsula, its “complete denuclearization,” and a commitment regarding the recovery of prisoners of war remains by both sides.

Kim Jong-un confirmed his commitment to the “complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula,” in a joint document signed with President Trump in Singapore on Tuesday. According to the press, the text does not mention “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization,” however, it does reaffirm the Panmunjom Declaration, signed by Kim on April 27, 2018.

The US also vowed to provide security guarantees to North Korea, which had been sought by Pyongyang due to its concerns about American military drills in the region. However, it is still unclear what type of guarantees were discussed.

The two sides are going to hold further negotiations involving US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, aimed at implementing the results of the summit.


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