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Putin Makes it Clear: Russia’s Superweapons Are Reality, Already Deployed

The blunt-talking president explains it again – many of the systems are operational, and the remaining ones are close to being so. He also says there will be yet more announcements about even more new weapons systems. Transcript: Interviewer: And now let’s move on to our most advanced weapons. You spoke about those super-developments during […]

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PAK FA T-50 received the official designation – Su-57

The commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Victor Bondarev, in an exclusive interview to the site of the Zvezda television channel, officially announced the serial name of the fifth-generation fighter T-50 for the first time. The aircraft received the designation Su-57. Su-57 (factory index T-50) is the fifth-generation Russian fighter developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau […]

Defence Latest News

Russia Keen To Sell MiG-35 To Indian Air Force : About Mikoyan MiG-35

Russia is keen on selling its new fighter jet MiG-35 to India with the MiG corporation’s chief saying the country has evinced interest in the aircraft and talks were on to understand its requirements. Director General of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Ilya Tarasenko said the MiG-35 was “the best” and definitely better than Lockheed Martin’s […]