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A step to ease the tension: Pyongyang and Seoul agree to march under one flag at Winter Olympics

From Nuclear test to sanctions from UN and United States, From Missile threats to military exercise between South Korea & United States and from ‘I have nuke button on my table’ to ‘I have bigger nuke button on my table and it works’, a lot was going on from last 6 months and we didn’t saw any chance to ease the tension between North Korea and the rests.

North Korea is doing everything he can to provoke United states after UN sanctions and military exercise with South Korea and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is, by all means, trying to get a nuclear power status for his country, continuously testing Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs.

But this Wednesday 17-01-2018 brought a good news towards peace when both Pyongyang and Seoul agrees to walk under the same flag in Winter Olympic 2018 scheduled from 9 February in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Obviously, this is not going to solve the bunch of problems they have but it definitely going to ease them and helps to resume the talk between the neighbours.

The two Koreas agreed on Wednesday to march together under a single flag at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and field a united women’s ice hockey team for the Games in a further sign of easing tensions on the peninsula.

North Korea also said it would send a 550-member delegation to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the South, Seoul said, as the two sides met to discuss athlete numbers in the latest in a flurry of cross-border talks.

Nuclear-armed Pyongyang agreed last week to take part in next month’s Pyeongchang Games which are taking place just 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides the peninsula.

Seoul has long sought to proclaim the event a “peace Olympics” in the face of tensions over the North’s weapons programs — which have seen it subjected to multiple UN Security Council sanctions — and the discussions represent a marked improvement.

The two Koreas will march together under a pro-unification flag at the opening ceremony for the February 9-25 Games, according to a press statement issued by the South.

They also agreed to form a unified women’s ice hockey team and the South said it will send its skiers to the Masikryong ski resort in the North for joint training with North Korean skiers ahead of the Games.


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