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ISRO regained the confidence after august failure and ready for a lift-off with 31 satellites

Since the August 31,  2017, when ISRO’s 41st mission of PSLV fails to drop off the heat shield further failed to launch the satellite into the orbit, all Indian rockets are grounded for 4 months.  That was the first private sector manufactured satellite which was declared unsuccessful.

A group of scientists were investigating what happened wrong since that incident and now it looks like they regained the confidence as they are ready to launch another bunch of satellites on January 12, 2018, if all goes well.

since then, the space agency had an agonising four-month fixing the problem on its rocket, ISRO now says the problem has been resolved and it is ready to fly its rocket again with 31 satellites.

“we are taking a Cartosat satellite, a microsatellite and a nanosatellite, and another 28 satellites from its customers in this launch” ISRO chief A S Kiran Kumar told NDTV.

When asked if foreign vendors still have confidence in the agency, he gave an affirmative answer and told that there could always be some issues once in a while.

ISRO has fixed the problems in the heat shield that fails to open in August launch.


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